Virtual Music

Harps of Comfort provides quiet, contemplative harp music and singing for patients with COVID-19. Loved ones and caregivers are welcome to join remotely for a time of relaxation, beauty and rest.

Harpist Roberta Rudy offers a one-minute introduction to virtual music sessions.

A session is usually 30-45 minutes, but the time will depend on the needs of the patient. Music is also beneficial for patients who are not externally responsive.

Virtual music sessions rely on good wi-fi reception and a dedicated smart device, such as an iPad or other tablet, that can stream audio and video.

If you are an institution interested in collaborating with Harps of Comfort, please complete the Contact Harps of Comfort form.

“I’ve never been this close to a harp.”

Patient, seeing the harp on an iPad

“The health benefits of music are numerous from lowering heart rate, blood pressure, stress as seen with lower cortisol levels and other stress hormone responses, to relaxation and meditative experience which we know helps our mental health. In this time of uncertainty, music, even in a virtual music session, can help soothe in trying times such as in our ventilated patients with COVID who are alone without family nearby.”

Jennifer Mackinnon, MD, MM