What is a Music Session?

Harps of Comfort provides quiet, contemplative harp music and singing for patients through live, virtual music sessions with our harpists. Loved ones and caregivers are welcome to join remotely for a time of relaxation, beauty and rest. 

A session is usually 30-45 minutes, but the time will depend on the needs of the patient. Music is also beneficial for patients who are not externally responsive. Virtual music sessions rely on good wi-fi reception and a dedicated smart device, such as an iPad or other tablet, that can stream audio and video.

Music sessions are offered at no cost to patients and their families, thanks to donations and grant funding. Harpists are on-call every weekday.

One of our harpists, Roberta Rudy, shares what a music session with Harps of Comfort might look and feel like.

Schedule a Music Session

If you are a hospital, hospice or other medical setting that would like Harps of Comfort to provide music sessions to your patients, please reach out to us at harpsofcomfort@gmail.com

If you would like to schedule a live, remote music session for yourself or a loved one, please reach out to us at harpsofcomfort@gmail.com.

The Harps of Comfort was really easy to set up for my patient and his family. Although he was at the end of life and unresponsive, it was really calming and comforting to his family during that difficult time. They expressed a lot of appreciation for it. The Harps of Comfort is a great resource for our patients and families at end of life.

-ICU nurse

It is deeply meaningful to experience the presence that is possible to maintain with those to whom we are attending remotely. Music and presence are not bound by space.

Katie Lahiff, CM-Th, harpist