Our Work

Harps of Comfort provides remote music to isolated patients with COVID-19 and other serious illness, patients nearing the end of life, loved ones, and caregivers. 

Using the gentle vibrations of harp and voice, our highly-trained therapeutic musicians offer individually tailored, live music sessions with compassionate, loving presence.  

Our People

The harpists, leadership, and founding friends of Harps of Comfort have a wide variety of experience and background in the benefits of music in medical settings.

Our Story

We formed Harps of Comfort in April 2020 to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and to create a way to offer live, remote music to isolated patients, their loved ones, and front line caregivers, using Zoom, WebEx, and other virtual platforms. Now we are available to play for other populations in need of care. The harp music and singing is quiet and contemplative, offering an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and comfort.

Harps of Comfort is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives.

“When I first heard about Harps of Comfort and the idea of playing remotely for COVID-19 patients, I remember thinking this would be a way to offer something of beauty, a way to be present with care and compassion when patients couldn’t have their loved ones physically present.”

Dia Walker, CM-Th, harpist